Use Multi-Car Insurance Plans And Save Money

If you’re insuring more than one vehicle it could be worth taking out a multi-car insurance policy to save money. There are millions of homes with more than just one driver, and each driver owning a car.  Getting multi-car insurance is in their best interest, as they could end up saving lots on money. Read our blog-post about why get multi-car insurance plans and use our website to get access to free car insurance quotes online from every reputable car insurance company.

# Save-Money-On-Car-LeaseMulti-car policies are designed for people who have more than one car in the family. When it comes to renewal time, instead of having to keep track of different policies in different places, they all renew together under one policy at the same time. If you have children that have left home or are at university, they could be included in the policy as well.

You receive a further discount with each car you bring to the policy (up to a maximum of 5). So if you start the policy with 2 cars and then introduce a 3rd car, the first and second car will have a discount applied to them as well as the third car. Furthermore, you can add cars to the policy throughout the year as their current renewal runs out.

You can usually choose different levels of multi-car insurance and different deductibles for each of the vehicles, all of which must be registered at the same address.

Despite the attractive discounts available, a multi-car insurance policy will not be the cheapest option for everyone. This will depend on the value and performance of the cars insured, as well as the experience and safety record of the drivers

For example, a 45-year-old woman with a clean license and a 17-year-old boy who has only just passed his test, it is safe to say that a multi-car insurance policy will increase the woman’s premium and lower the new driver. The best idea is therefore to shop around and use quotes.

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