Parking Tickets And Car Insurance Rates

Leaving your car in the wrong spot every once in a while does not create a sudden spike in car insurance rates, but forgetting to pay off the ticket is any entirely different story. Find out more about parking tickets and car insurance rates by reading this blog. Also, check our website and get an auto insurance quote online for free.

# 3-smart-ways-to-save-money-on-auto-insuranceParking tickets don’t really pose a danger to other drivers, and therefore aren’t a concern of the insurance industry. This means that your insurance provider won’t pay for your parking tickets. You are the one who has for your tickets, so you don’t cost a dime to the insurance company.  But it is important that you pay these tickets on time, before the cost becomes really high and it reaches the level of influencing your insurance rate.

In many municipalities your vehicle registration can be revoked if tickets aren’t paid within a certain deadline. Getting a registration reinstated can be extremely expensive, so the extent that you may not be able to pay for it. Driving without registration is certainly not recommended. Getting pulled over with no vehicle registration will undoubtedly affect your car insurance rates.

If your carrier has given you high rates based on parking violations, look around for a better deal. Most providers simply aren’t concerned with non-moving violations, like parking tickets.  But if you are locked into a policy, take care to pay off your tickets in the shortest time available. Delinquency/failure to pay parking violations, as minor offenses as they are, may ultimately leak over as a factor used by carriers to determine your rate, forcing you to pay more for your insurance. Upon next renewal you will the insurance cost greatly increased due to failure to pay the tickets.

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