How To Get Accurate Car Insurance Estimates

Numerous websites provide auto insurance quotes online, but you must attempt to obtain accurate quotes for auto insurance plans. If you want to know more, you should really read our blog and then apply the gained knowledge. Read some tips for getting accurate quotes and compare auto insurance quotes.

Before you start comparing prices online, make sure to have the following info available

  • springDriver’s license numbers
  • Vehicle identification number for each car – VIN
  • Copy of the declaration page from your current policy
  • Commuting distance to work
  • Any driving violations or insurance claims you’ve had in the past five years

Then follow the tips listed below:

  1. Have a high number of sources. Working with one website is good, but not good enough. In order to make sure that you got accurate quotes, you should verify the results using another website or more websites. Typically, use 2 brokerage websites that provide quotes for the same companies. For example, you can use 2 websites that provide quotes from Geico or for Progressive. If the questions were the same, or at least almost all questions, than results should be similar or not that different. If there are huge differences, something is wrong and you should dig deeper and maybe use another website.
  2. Provide precise info and estimates. When filling the form, make sure to provide accurate data about your car and yourself. In some cases, you will have to estimate some things, like the annual mileage.  Try to give your best estimate; otherwise quotes will be not so accurate.
  3. Use an extended form. It is always better to work with forms that ask you as many questions as possible. They are more relevant and provide results closer to the final value obtained during negotiations. So, it would be much better to fill in a form with 20-30 questions than a form with 10 questions.

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